Mel Rubber Co

Having gained years of experience in research and reputation in the field of production and rubber products such as,rubber tubes ,rubber and iron,oring, gasgets ,packings,Mozaic Mould Design, Pavements and Facades, The artistic and industrial “MEL Rubber Corporation” was founded in 1358/1980 by Mr. Naser Heidary. To mention some of MEL’s many honourable achievements, one can mention: high levels of creativity in designing Rubber Mosaic Moulds with regards to Iranian and islamic,modren and minimal patterns ….. a huge variety of high-quality product design, procurement and their guarantee . This corporation includes very advanced machinery, Quality Control Labs, Moulding and Turning units. The attainment of IATF certificates is also a clear affirmation of customer-orientation and skillfulness of this company.
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With advanced machinery we design and reverse engineer mostly every rubber part

Quality assurance

We gurantee that we have cohesion in production and also we gurantee every part for 2 years


With more than 40 years of experience in design and manufacturing, we are the largest tile and rubber part producers in Iran
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Capabilities and Standards

The company is in the form of one hundred and fifty people in three shifts and 24 hours a day, and with the establishment of ISO / TS 16949-2009 quality management system, the ability to produce rubber parts required by customers in various industries, including automotive, building, railways, agricultural petrochemicals , Household appliances, oil, gas and .........

Contact Details

Tehran Office
Unite 9, 3rd Floor, No 9, 15th St Nasr(Gisha) Ave.
Telefax: (021)88282528-30
No. 188, East 6th Golestan Ave, Baharestan Industrial Town, 5 km of Karaj-Qazvin 
Phone: (026)10-34760009
Telefax (026)7-34760444
Tehran Shop
Masoumi Passage, Ground floor - Ekbatan Street - Imam Khomeini Sq
Phone: (021)33964076 - (021)33994088  
Fax: (021)33965324